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Skoda Mountain Gun

The War Museum (in Greek: Πολεμικό Μουσείο – Polemiko Mousio) is the museum of Greek Ministry of National Defense. It was estabilished in 1975 with a mission to show Greek military artifacts in a suitable historic context. The museum is hosted in a futuristic, rectangle-shaped building.
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Wenceslas Square, Prague - National Museum

Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti, former Horse Market) in Prague is really a boulevard, measuring 750m long by 60m wide. Wenceslas Square is one of the two main squares in Prague, so is a popular place for visitors to stay. In 1348, Bohemian King Charles IV founded the New Town (Nové Město) of Prague. The project included several open areas for markets, of which the second largest was the Horse Market. Its name changed to Wenceslas Square during the Czech national revival movement in the 19th century while a more noble name was requested.
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Athenian Agora: Odeon of Agrippa

The Athenian Agora was the center of the ancient city of Athens. It was a large square where the citizens could assemble. The space might be used as a market, or for an election, a dramatic performance, a religious procession, military drill, or athletic competition. The quare was surrounded by the public buildings necessary to run the Athenian government. Until Peisistratus reorganised the Agora (in 6th Century BC), there are private houses, too. Excavations in the ancient Athenian Agora are conducted by the American School of Classical Studies (since 1931). The Stoa of Attalos was adapted to house the Museum of Athenian Agora.
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