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The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympieion) II

The construction of Temple of Olympian (Olympieion) Zeus begun in the 6th Century BC and was finished in th 2nd Century, i.e. after more than 600 years. It was the largest temple in ancient Greece. The Temple was damaged during the barbarian sack of Athens in 267 and was never repaired. The Temple orignally had 104 columns of 17 m high each and 2 m in diameter each. Today, 15 columns remain standing, the 16th column lies on the ground where it fell during a storm in 1852.
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Acropolis of Athens: South view on Parthenon

The Acropolis is one of the most known historic monuments of Athens. Most of the major temples were rebuilt under the leadership of Pericles (Golden Age of Athens, 460–430 BC). During the 5th century BC, Acropolis of Athens gained its final shape. During the Hellenistic and Roman periods, many of the existing buildings in the area of the Acropolis were repaired, and monuments to foreign kings were erected (Attalos II and Eumens II of Pergamos. In the Byzantine period, the Parthenon was turned into a church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
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Lykavittus Hill

Athens (Athina) is the Capital and the biggest city of Greece. Although it is one of the world’s oldest cities (with a recorded history about 3500 years), the major part of the build-up area consists of new buildings. A panoramic views made from the Acropolis hill illustrates the situation brightly.
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