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Amiens Cathedral: West Portal

Amiens is a city in northern France and the capital of the Somme region in Picardy. The city is known for its famaous cathedral. The Amiens Cathedral is the tallest complete Gothic church form the 13th century in France. It was built very quickly in the period 1220 – cca 1270.  The Amiens cathedral “survived” both wold wars without substantial damages.
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Mont-St-Michel - Front view

Mont-St-Michel (St. Michael’s Mount) is a tidal island, located at the mouth of Couesnon River in Lower Normandy (France). In 8th century, St. Aubert, bishop in Avranches, founded a first chapel devoted to St. Michael. In 1067, the monastery of Mont-St-Michel supported the duke William of Nomandy (William the Conqueror) in his claim to the English throne. After 1789, the abbey was closed and converted to a prison. In 1863 the prison was finally closed and in 1874 was the mount declared as a French historic monument. Mont-St-Michel is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1979).
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Lykavittus Hill

Athens (Athina) is the Capital and the biggest city of Greece. Although it is one of the world’s oldest cities (with a recorded history about 3500 years), the major part of the build-up area consists of new buildings. A panoramic views made from the Acropolis hill illustrates the situation brightly.
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