Acropolis of Athens: South view on Parthenon


The most characteristic view to the Acropolis of Athens. On the top, we may see the Parthenon temple (Παρθενών) and its damages. The temple was dedicted to the ancient goddess Athena. On the bottom, there is the Stoa of Eumenes. The stoa is sited between the Odeion of Herodes Atticus (partially seen on the left) and the Theater of Dionysos.

Behind the Acropolis hill, an other well know hill is situated – the Lykavittos hill.

Location details

Parthenon on Athenian Acropolis   (Photo...)

Acropolis Hill, Athens, Attiki, Greece (GR)

GEO: N37°58′17.447″ W23°43′36.246″ (37.971513, 23.726735), GoogleMap...