Calvados Shop in Honfleur

Calvados Shop

Calvados and cidre are typical products of Normandy. Cider or cyder, in French “cidre” is a fermented alcoholic beverage traditionally made from apple juice. Cidre Doux is sweet, having about 2% of alcohol, while Cidre Brut is stronger having about 4,5% of alcohol. In some regions, the cidre is made from pear juice (poiré). By double distillation of cider is produced a spirit named calvados. There are numerous calvados and cidre bars and shops (cidrerie).

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Cider and calvados shop, Honfleur   (Photo...)
Cidrerie La Normandie de Marianne

22 Rue de la Ville, Honfleur, Haute Normandie, France (FR)

GEO: N49°25′9.318″ W0°14′3.804″ (49.419255, 0.23439), GoogleMap...