Wenceslas Square, Prague - Lower side

Lower side

Wenceslas Square is really a boulevard, measuring 750m long by 60m wide. For a long time, it serves as a parade ground for all kinds of organisations and political parties. From anti-communist uprisings to celebrations of national sporting achievements, Wenceslas Square is where the Czech’s come to let off steam. It can hold up to 400,000 people!

On the bottom of the Wenceslas Square, there is the place called Můstek. Nice building of the Palace Koruna with many upmarket shops of world brands is located there.

Location details

Wenceslas Square, the lower side   (Photo...)

Václavské nám., Prague, (Prague, The Capital), Czech Republic (CZ)

GEO: N50°4′59.707″ W14°25′30.097″ (50.083252, 14.425027), GoogleMap...